Wednesday , February 1 2023

New Music Title: Harddisk Community "Maldives" – Video / Audio – Music – Culture +


"I devoted the song to my dad, Laklysch Cavaler, and Carl Grouin. When the family learned of the fight against freedom, they thanked all who conquered their freedom of mind, "said composer and singer Eddie Jurevics.

"The purpose of any scene artist is to make the audience feel something. I want to remind you that rock music is still alive. This genre is not for everyone and does not have a positive effect on anyone. I think that music is often a therapy for the musician himself. I think if it matters to me, then it will feel different, "commented Martins Viennes, the band's personal guitarist and musician.

The composition and creativity of the band is known to other musical fans called Blacksmith, often working on concert sites such as "Drama", "Rock", "Riga", "Black Friday" and "Fonteine ​​Palace." Ballerina.

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