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November 14 is a discussion of myths and truths about diabetes




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Unfortunately, in recent years, as well as in Latvia, diabetes has become widespread in the world. In addition, diabetes of the second type is soft and invisible, so it also occurs in people who feel good and do not complain about their health. To focus on this problem, discuss the risk of diabetes mellitus and eliminate myths related to it. BENU Pharmaceuticals today talk about diabetes mitigation with the participation of myths and the truth about the World Day for Diabetes. Discussion will be alive and alive, and will be available to interested people.

November 14 – World Day of Diabetes is celebrated, in recent years it focuses on the expansion of the disease.

Diabetes mellitus is one of the diseases that change our habits and habits. But is life a decisive factor and a hereditary role? How do you know the first signs? How can you protect yourself and your family from the pain? This is just a few questions about daily routine diabetes prevention.

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Endocrinologist Una Gailis (Head of the Outpatient Unit of the Endocrinology Center at the University of Stratford University) discusses the underlying causes, symptoms, and treatment of diabetes. Head of Racus Endocrinology Department League Arente tells about patients with diabetes mellitus and important questions of treatment, Pharmacist Anda Conon of Ben Pharmacy reports about availability of sugar and availability of medicines. Discussion is led by Valdis Melderis.

Cycle of the lecture cycle of the Academy of Health and Beauty of BENU is being discussed, and today, on November 14th, in the afternoon, diabetics – myths and truths are discussed. And will be available to anyone interested in the BENU Pharmacy Facebook page.

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