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Papuan Egl praises the training base: the circumstances are fantastic


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Latvian national football team, head coach of the country Miko Pattelainen said that the Latvian national football team has made great exercises in the UEFA League games against Andorra and Kazakhstan.

The national team of Latvia has left for training on Monday, before the UEFA League matches between Kazakhstan and Andorra. Both games are held on artificial covering, so the newly established FC "Jelgava" club for the Latvian team will be a training ground.

"The situation in Jelgava is really fantastic – a fully equipped artificial ground football ground has been introduced into the training base," the website of the Football Federation of Latvia said.

"The Zhelgava team recently found this base, which is also an important investment for the club's core team and the development of the youth system. Trainings for high quality artificial ground for our team in this camp are important for preparing for the best matches between Kazakhstan and Andorra. "

LETA has announced that Pattelain will compete for the UEFA Champions League title in the 24th La Liga title, including goalkeeper Robert Ozol, goalkeeper Antony Chernomorst and midfielder Alexei Savelyev.

Previously, the fraudster said that the players who had suffered minor injuries were included, so they could be changed. The replacement of one player was held on Sunday, as Aleksandr Fertov replaced Igor Tarasov, a midfielder of the Shlskka team in Wroclaw, Poland.

"This is our fourth joint camp and we want to make new steps in our development when we are together," Pattellain said. "This camp was a joint joint youth exercise in Riga on Sunday, as the guys returned after the club games. Before preparing for an informal meeting, we need to be confident that players will be restored before the start of the new training process to pay attention to today and prepare for the match against Kazakhstan on Thursday. The intensity of exercises is not good, but we started to work on tactical moments, which we gradually tried to use in Astana. "

In contrast to previous parliamentary terms, Vladislav Gabov, midfielder Vladimir Kames and striker Roberts Udrichis did not participate in the debate. Instead, Guinz Freemanis and Alexander Solovyov, as well as midfielder Ivan Lukinov and striker Vladislav Gutkowski were not included in the squad.

"We know that there is a bad situation in the league table league table. Unfortunately, we are at the level of Andorra, "said Udricys. Therefore, we have two games, and we have to prove it on the contrary. Of course, we can not leave the team, but the purpose of our team is to prove that we are better than other teams in these games. In Switzerland we often have to change the coverage as there are three clubs in the artificial space each day, including current champion Bern Young Boise. In my opinion, this will not be new to other players. In my opinion, this is not the most important factor in both games. "

Besides, one of the attackers is Artur Karaskauskas, the representative of the Kazakhstan national team Uralsk Akzajik.

"There are also opponents of Kazakhstan. The field will be faster, "Karachasas said. "We have to use fast football players. In the upcoming games, our task is to return home with the highest point. In the model, I'm always ready. If I'm a team, I will do everything I can about myself and I will be able to help the team. "

The game against Kazakhstan can be held on Thursday, but a match against Andorra will be played on Monday.

Latvia's participation in the League of Nations succeeded 0-0 in Andorra in September, but lost to Georgia in the 0-1, but played in October with a score of 1: 1 and played 0: 3 against Georgia.

Under the guidance of the team, Georgia with five points will come to Kazakhstan with maximum 12 points in four games. Latvia and Andorra currently have two points.

Georgia will already be able to win the group and compete for the first place in D next year and make a roadmap for the 2020 European Championship finals.

FIFA ranked Georgia 92nd, Kazakhstan ranks 117th, Latvia 13th, and Andorra is low.

UEFA Division of the League of Nations is divided into four divisions: Latvia is in their weaknesses or in the D Division. It has four teams that have four units each bypassing the two division tournaments at the end of November. The winners of the group, in their turn, will find the best team in the 2020 European Championship finals.

As a result, the UEFA League of Nations will also affect the qualifications of the 2020 European Championship, which starts in March 2019. This time the qualifying round of the European Championship will be held in 24 countries with 24 participants, so no host country will be automatically marked.

The team tournament for the final tournament will be won by 20 teams, and four will be hosted by 16 national teams who have won the League of Nations. In each division, four of the best teams compete and compete in the European Championship. Therefore, it is clear that Division D will have at least one division final.

This year, Kasparz Horshs has been appointed president of the Latvian Football Federation (LFF) under the leadership of Latvia Football. After all, Edgar Pukins replaced the long-term leader of the organization, Guntzi Indrikson, and Engels Pukins replaced Janis Mejes. In his turn, Alexander Starkov replaced Mickoff Pattoneinen, the head of the Latvian state division.

The game ended with Pattelainen until the end of the UEFA League. If the Latvian team takes the first place in their subgroup, the agreement will be automatically distributed until the end of the 2020 European Championship Qualifying Tournament.

The list of candidates for the Latvian national team will be played in the UEFA League with Kazakhstan and Andorra:

goalkeepers – Andris Wangin (Zurich, Switzerland), Paul Steinburk (Gdynia Arka, Poland), Kaspersky Ixsten (RFS), Robert Ozols (Riga);

Vitaly Jagodsky, Vadim Zhulev (both Ventspils), Anton Kurakin, Antoni Chernomordy, Vladislav Gabov (all in Riga), Vitaly Maximenko (Ljubljana, Olympia, Slovenia), Mark Osha Nashhatles Xamax, Switzerland);

Alexander Fertov, Vyacheslav Isaev, Robert Savavilics (RFCA), Ritvars Rudzins (Ventspils), Andreas Tsigainiks (Cambuur in Lewenten, Netherlands), Alexey Savelyev (Helas Verona in Italy, Vladimir Kames) Liepaja "/" Mogo ");

Attackers include Denis Racels (Riga), Valeri Shabala (Belsko-Bijas, Podbeskie, Poland), Davis Icaunjas (Czech Republic's Yablonec), Arturs Karasauskas (Uralsk Ahadic, Kazakhstan), Roberts Udrichis (Zion, Switzerland)

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