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Pharmacists explain how to avoid Type 2 diabetes – Beautiful and healthy – Woman


"2. Type 1 diabetes is a metabolic disorder that is insufficient for the development of insulin in the body. Hence, insulin may be insufficient in the body, may be normal or even high, but the use of insulin in the cells is high and high blood sugar levels remain. Sugar can not be obtained by minimizing or removing sweets from the menu. In order to avoid the illness it is necessary to ensure that the body can function properly ", – explains the pharmacist.

Keep body weight moderately normal

Normal body weight improves rational use of insulin in the body. On the other hand, overweight is the main risk factor for the development of diabetes for men and women. When the body is obese, the amount and quantity of fat cells increases, which complicates the glucose penetration, which requires insulin multiplication – the pancreas can not produce it in the right amount. The need for insulin, metabolism, and the body are starting to work correctly. The risk of developing diabetes is also determined by the location of fat in the body. High obesity (apple obesity) develops type 2 diabetes from the oblique body (pear).

»Tips for the elderly who can keep their lifestyle and living conditions

Foods that provide nutrients and minerals for the prevention of diabetes are valuable, but do not allow excessive kilograms accumulation. Each meal should be named as appropriate the principle of food, where half board is for vegetables. Vegetables should be fresh. If salads are cooked, they can be mixed with light olive oil and citrus fruit sauce without fat-free sauce. Products for ¼ cups – meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, peas and ¼ carbohydrates should be served. Good choice – whole wheat products such as whole flavored macaroni, brown rice, various powders and grains.

It is recommended to use a small amount of healthy (unsaturated) olive oil such as olive oil, rape or linseed for cooking. The best choice for baking is oven or saucepan without excess oil. Avoid excessive consumption of heavy meat, cakes, biscuits, chocolate and other sweets. Water should be at least 2 liters. To keep the menu healthy and balanced, it is recommended that you plan regular nutrition and avoid misleading foods.

Save enough body activity

Physical active lifestyle is a key to avoiding various health problems, including avoiding Type 2 diabetes. Sufficient quantities of physical activity are required, especially those who work in the office and often spend their daily lives. Motion not only helps to reduce weight, but also helps the individual to move more, and the muscles spend more energy (glucose), which leads to lower levels of sugar. Daily physical activity or at least 5 days a week is important. This does not mean that you should go to the gym every day, it's best to spend 20 minutes or go 30-60 minutes on the exercise.

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