Tuesday , March 21 2023

Photo: Worship of golden couples, Riga festival and fountains show


On the first day of the Riga City Festival a traditional event was held in honor of the 50-year-old couple in Riga, classical music on the Dome Square, and a fountain and light show on the city's canal.

The Latvian Academy of Music (JVLMA) hosted the 100th anniversary concert "Doubles" at the Dome Square, where a large group of two distinguished and bright teams – the JVLMA Baroque Orchestra and the Riga Dome School.

Along with the Baroque Orchestra, Elina Shimkus, Ilse Graven-Scarain, Theresa Grethera, Monta Martino, Rinald Kandalantsev, Maya Klavina, Christine Sturm and Mauro Pincharoli. Soloists Larry Vangags, Indrikis Weinters, Madal Kallish, Dominic Vishlauskas, Nes Irizari, Peteris Liepish, Artis Orubs and singer Evilene Protector joined the band.

Here is a photo tour for these events:

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