Monday , June 27 2022

Rimšēvičam suspects another KNAB criminal case at the office


The head of the Latvian bank, Ilmars Rimseviks, is suspected of another criminal case of the Bureau of Corruption and Struggle Against Corruption (KNAB), according to LETA.

It does not disclose which criminal law has been applied to Rimšēvičs and whether the case is related to ABLV Bank. In its turn, the Latvian television suspects Romshavitsk in this process of two articles of the Criminal Law – the misuse of bribes and abuse of official status.

Rymiev's lawyer, Juris Greenwalk, refrained from commenting on the case. Another lawyer, Former Prosecutor General Aldis Poundhurs, for example, has accused Romchevitz of misrepresentation of the US government over ABLV Bank? Thus, Ernst Bernis, the owner of ABLV Bank, which was to be abolished, did not comment either.

In March of this year, the Latvian TV channel announced that it had initiated a criminal case after the representatives of KNAB ABLV Bank, and the criminal proceedings could be directly or indirectly related to the Financial Crisis Management Office (FinCEN) of the US Treasury, taking bribes from public officials. ABLV Bank's management has completely abolished the bribe, but after the publication of the report, it disputes with several law enforcement agencies, including the KNAB.

A criminal case has been initiated on the KNAB criminal case. Also this week, the KNAB agency did not disclose the articles of the LETA Criminal Code and did not disclose suspicion, but an e-mail statement states that "persons participating in litigation have the right to defend themselves".

A criminal case is initiated on the facts filed by the representatives of KNAB ABLV Bank, the investigation into the criminal case is ongoing, as the PSC does not provide detailed information on specific criminal offenses and persons involved therein. has the right to defense and declare that no one is to blame for criminal offenses in the manner prescribed by law, "explains KNAB.

Rumschevich and businessman Maris Martinson are currently in the Office of the Prosecutor General and have initiated a criminal investigation into KNAB investigations. The prosecutor general's office has accused Romzevic of taking bribes this summer, and has been charged with bribing Martino.

Vicarica Jirgen, a professional prosecutor, started the case after KNAB presented two shareholders of Trust Bank Commerzbank (TKB). The two shareholders were seen as bribes in this case, but were released from criminal liability, as they voluntarily gave information to law enforcement agencies.

One of Jirgens's shareholders reported that Rumsweiss had requested assistance in 2010 on issues related to the Finance and Capital Markets Commission (FCMC), suggesting that the Rimshavitser go to vacation in Kamchatka. In 2012, the shareholder again returned to Rsevicz and asked for assistance in other issues related to the FCMC. As a payment, Rmsevic asked for 500,000 euros, which was paid in two installments – one and one after the FCMC decision.

After the prosecutor's contract in 2010, Ryssvik has repeatedly advised the T & PE shareholder, so he tried to influence the decisions of the FCMC. Such consultations were also awarded after the agreement in 2012, but Rymsevic made a disadvantageous decision to FCMC for making the most appropriate decisions for T & PE. As one of the forms of assistance provided to Romshevis, the prosecutor assisted in answering questions raised by the KCM on banking liquidity and non-residents.

Jirgens also explained that he did not fulfill the request of Rimshevits, so only the first part or 250 thousand euros was paid. In the prosecutor's opinion, Martinson played a role as a mediator in the criminal case – he received 10% of the total bribe. The prosecutor said that the bribe was made in cash.

In its turn, a criminal case has been initiated against the actions of the State Police (VP) against Grims Huseynnikov, the owner of the Norwegian bank "Norvik". For many years, Guselnikov has openly admitted that Rumsevich bribed his credit institution.

Huseynnikov sent a letter to VP in December about the commitment by Latvian officials to oblige him to take bribes. At the beginning of this year police officers announced a criminal case. A criminal case has been initiated and involved in money laundering and money laundering. In this criminal procedure the facts stated in the major shareholder's application of "Norvik" bank were checked.

Vice President Illke Yurevica said that the criminal investigation will continue and the information will continue to be investigated. At present no one has the appropriate status of the suspect in the criminal proceedings, but for the benefit of the investigation, V.P. currently does not participate in the general public.

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