Thursday , February 2 2023

Stock markets are down, oil prices will fall


On Tuesday, the US and European stock market downgraded the downward trend in the technology sector.

The unexpected detention of car dealers in Japan, Renault, Mitsubishi and Nissan, Carlos Gosn, has been widely reported in Europe and Asia, and shares of these companies have dropped to Wall Street.

Experts in the capital economics predict that the expected economic downturn in the United States and China will continue to weaken the forecasted technological sector in the future.

"Taking into account the very cyclical nature of the IT sector, we have been trying to prove that it will have a profound impact on these cases for a long time," experts said.

"Today there has been a big sales, investors have bought shares," says TD Ameritrade's Chief Strategy John D. He talked about the movie, Wall Street.

The fall in share prices in the United States, along with the technological sector, has resulted in a significant fall in oil prices with the oil company and after several reports by retailers on different salary trends before the holiday season.

This vulnerability analysts have slowed down global growth, fueling a growing number of US Federal Reserve (FRS) interests and trade disputes.

Some market observers have said that this week's trade volume has been complicated by a small volume of trading this Thursday before the upcoming Thanksgiving Thursday.

US President Donald Travers has again called on the Fed to lower interest rates on Tuesday. "We have a bigger problem with the FRS," Trump told reporters.

Nissan's share in Nissan has dropped by 5.5%, Mitsubishi – by 6.9%, and two companies are headed by Carlos Gosnou, who was arrested on charges of unreported income in Japan.

On Tuesday, Reno decided to hold the post of governing officer, despite being arrested, but Thierry Baryc, Chief Operating Officer, was appointed to assure Gosnain's "temporary incapacity".

Renault shares dropped by 1.2% after a fall of 8% on Monday.

"The market does not consider these shares [cenas] a fall in purchasing power, "said Cedric Beson, of the Gaspal Gestion portfolio.

Deutsche Bank's stock prices dropped by five per cent on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which threatens that the German bank will become the scalpel money laundering attack on the Danish banking bank.

Oil prices have fallen significantly in New York and London stock exchanges.

The euro against the US dollar and the euro has dropped, and the US dollar has risen against the Japanese Yen.

The price of WTI crude oil fell by $ 3.77 to $ 53.43 on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The price of Brent oil at London Stock Exchange dropped to $ 4.25 up to $ 62.55.

US Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 2.2% to 24% to 465.64 on Tuesday, Standard & Poor's dropped by 1.8% to 2641.89 points, Nasdaq Composite index dropped from 1.7% to 6908 , Up to 82 points.

The London Stock Exchange Index FTSE 100 dropped by 0.8% to 6947.92 points on Tuesday, while the DAX 30 stock exchange in Frankfurt fell by 1.6% to 11,066.41 points, the Paris stock exchange CAC 40 4924, 89 points.

On Tuesday, the euro has dropped from $ 1,1454 to $ 1,1370 against the US dollar, while the British pound has dropped from $ 1,2854 to $ 1,2787 against the dollar, and the US dollar has dropped from 112,55 to Japanese yen. 112,75 jpy for one dollar .

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