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Strong Trials and Struggle to Survive – Patients with Diabetes Mind Everyday


Despite the widespread spread of diabetes in Latvia, according to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, in 2017, the number of diabetic patients in Latvia was 91 571, but there are various prejudices and legends about the disease and its patients. Moreover, most people do not understand the symptoms and progress of this disease and the importance of supporting people with diabetes in everyday life, their sensitivity and the ability to handle critical situations.

Most people can not imagine daily diabetic patients' daily lives. In order to prevent this disease, the Latvian Diabetes Center has begun a social campaign entitled "Diabetes patients with diabetes", and Diabetic patients – Christopher Thayvain and Rodrigo Ulrichich – openly tell about their experiences.

Rodrigo Ulrrick, 15 years old, from Jelgava, found the type 1 diabetes at 3 years of age. "I do not remember it from the beginning, I began to recall my 5th year, but I think parents have probably been surprised," says Rodrigo, adding that diabetes is a disease that can cause you to think about life. "I do not know what diabetes life is. I watch everyday blood sugar levels, I eat candies, take insulin everyday, lower sugar level, and increase it so much, even if you can not read the sugar level measuring device. If you feel that the reaction is slow, your vision is dim, your head will fly and I know you have to do something right away, "Rodrigo shared his diabetes experience. Moreover, diabetes did not prevent a teenager from abandoning his sporting activity, on the contrary: "I am very glad to be a sportsman and I've been doing sport at school," says a young man.

Rodrigo's classmates and other colleagues discovered and accepted their illness at school. "My classmates know that I have diabetes, at first they are interested in it, but then they have learned it, and now they ignore it, and I've never been incredibly shy away from school," says Rodrigo. The young man is still young, he has not developed various side effects and complications, perhaps because of his teens, even when he is not an athlete's diabetes mellitus.

On the contrary, Christopher Thayer, the founder and leader of the Diabetes Center in Latvia for 28 years, has a different experience. "Sports: if you have cardiovascular activity, sugar level will decrease, if you give strength – if sugar level is raised, you will always have to rely on the highest mathematics – how much you need to absorb, how long you have to eat and stop eating. During the hot season, sugar is diminished and the tension rises – all of the actions we take, prevent the sugar level from changing, relax for a moment, do not go without insulin spray or measuring device. If you know that after a two-hour exercise you need to compress a bit, you have to think about what carbon you are in. In that case, it's a stable dose, your "diet" is to fight diabetes, says Christ.

Diabetes mellitus is an illness that often occurs in people. "Of course, people around me do not know, and I do not even know if I have diabetes, but I can not even breathe at night, I need to make an alarm, sometimes even three to four times a day. I can sleep all night and I will not kill anything, but I had to awaken badly. Fortunately, I woke up all the time, if not, would be a hypoglycemic coma that would lead to a serious brain injury, "This is Christ. He acknowledges that he is not against his own feelings and that the disease has not been tracked all the time, but his health can deteriorate at any time.

If a person has heard about the symptoms of diabetes, this is the opportunity to protect people you are. Even if they are only suspicious, they can be talked to a doctor. It can be saved from hospitalization. When the insulin is insufficient, the nutritional energy is fed into the body but not achievable – as a result, the cells are starved, but there are many sugars in the blood. It also causes a natural reaction of the body – a clear thirst for the sweetening of sweet blood. Because the cells are hungry, people eat a lot, but they get tired and lose weight. Especially at night, the thirst is taken into account. Children should also be neglected, weight loss, especially if children are not tested for their intended purpose, will never be normal.

"For example, a family doctor measures the sugar level of the baby and means" hello. " Once, "Hi", the second time, "Hi", the doctor is surprised and does not understand, and says something falls. This means "high", so the sugar level is too high to switch off the display"High" – high, "chi" in English) When the blood samples were sent to the laboratory, the child was unconscious and was taken to hospital. Even doctors lack information on diabetes, and people do not know what to do in such cases. "

Latvian children have basic conditions for patients with diabetes, but the Labia Diabetes Center acknowledges that decision makers should pay due attention to the need for adequate compensation for medical products. Adults pay only 75 percent, but this is not limited to insulin. In the pharmacy, each needle is provided with one needle, which may have to work for several weeks or even months, but it needs to be changed daily. There are also measuring bars. There are also sensors that take the needle with needles, penetrate into the liquid, scan it and then analyze it on a specific screen, allowing you to determine the sugar level and, most importantly, the trend. This device costs around € 160 per month – only for measuring.

The Children's Hospital offers Diabetes School, which teaches children, their parents, and other people how to live with diabetes. Physicians acknowledge that special schools, schools and kindergartens are still facing situations where people with diabetes are trying to make a special place. As I recall the head of the Association, "it is necessary to tell about it and tell about it, perhaps one campaign will not change much, but it will reach the heart, but not only improve the quality of life, but also save the human life." .

In this article you will learn how to recognize diabetes.

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