Saturday , January 28 2023

Tenax not to be the first in the Baltic League – no decisive in Kaunas – Handball –


The Tenax Handball Championship won two rows, but today in Gran Canaria against Granitus-27: 27. The Latvians have scored four goals in the semifinals, but the second part of the match was not successful. Ten minutes before the finish, Tenax was five, but eventually he scored two goals and the home team responded with seven. Anders Harmis Dobel's runners-up had nine goals, but Nils Micsellen scored five goals.

However, the Builder in Riga lost the second time and was 29:32 in Vilnius's Lightweight book. Another 10 minutes before the end of the first half, the Latvian team was leading, but the break was minus two. After the fight, he could not return to leadership, so he has failed three times for the second time. The first 10 goals were Vladislav Kosman, but Richard Leh played five realities.

Tomorrow the teams will replace their opponents. "Builder" will go to "Granit-Karys" hotel, but "Tennax" in Dobele operates "Light".

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