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The specialist explains how to remove pain from the neck


Unpleasant cough and neck reflections that are encountered in most autumn and winter may be a common occurrence. The main causes of malignant neck and cough and how to deal with it are explained by the pharmacist from Benu Pharmacy, Zanda Ozola.

According to pharmacists, 90 percent of cases are the most common cause of neck disease. It is important to understand that it is important to have an effective solution. Only then can you choose the treatment method and recommended medicines. But strengthening the immune system should prevent inflammation and pain.

Viruses and infections

Among the viruses that cause neck damage are cold, flu, mononucleosis, beetroot, chicken or epidemic parotitis. In addition, the most common group of streptococcus bacteria can cause bacterial infections, malnutrition. Children are more likely to have bacterial infections, about 40% of them. Immune responses to dusty allergens can also cause symptoms such as nasal drowning, crushing, and inflammation of the food. Dry air, smoking, and other irritants may cause inflammation of the mouth and food.

How to avoid it

As one of the first agents to avoid diarrhea, pharmacists establish the immune system by eating natural food, such as ginger or garlic. Vitamin C, which is purchased at the doctor in the appropriate dose and in EchinaceaEchinacea purpurea) nutrients, strengthens the immune system of adults. In turn, young children are recommended to use peanut extracts containing probiotics or immunomodulators, for example, food supplements. Of course, do not forget to use our "vitamin A" vitamin or vitamin D. Personal hygiene also reduces the prevalence of the virus, which causes high risk of the disease.

How important is immunity?

In our young age, immunity weakens, so its strength determines that we have a certain illness, and if the virus lags behind, the indicator is the duration of our disease. Several immune factors are affected, but the main pharmacists say about the lack of stress, insomnia, nutrition and physical activity. We can avoid diseases that are healthy and active according to lifestyle.

Not enough tea itself

In most cases, 7-10 days of symptoms decrease with neck, nose, dry cough and slightly higher temperatures. In order to alleviate pain, mixed anti-inflammatory drugs may be used, but this is not required. If you stay at home, have a rest and drink lots of liquids – hot and honey-filled water and warm tea, healthy food, chamomile and peppers, and rinse your neck with warm salt water. It is not recommended to drink hot and carbonated drinks as these may cause irritation.

If the neck has been suffering for a long time, the nose is clogged and there is pain in the nose, and if the cough is longer than three weeks, and the body temperature increases for a long time, you are advised to contact a specialist who will provide the appropriate treatment.

Be very careful with antibiotics

It is not recommended to use antibiotics unless the doctor determines the cause of your illness or cough because it does not work only in the event of a virus, further deterioration of the disease leads to the destruction of our immune defenses or germs that are found in the gastrointestinal tract. The above mentioned hot and carbonated drinks are not recommended. Patients who are overheating should not be covered with unnecessary pillows, but should be cold. As a further measure, a wet cloth can be used on the forehead. For small patients, do not use aspirin depending on the Ray syndrome to reduce the temperature.

Cure with dry and wet cough

Cough is often cured in the beginning of the viral disease. It is then recommended to use cough or coughing softening agents. They include the most common ingredients of Icelandic saline or pomegranate buds that are calmer and moisturizing corn. Coughing is already productive, with the use of large quantities of fluid and medication dosage and administration interval. It is recommended to use a peach or syrup dryer for these symptoms, or if the coconut is popular, it is a chemical remedy. When all these agents are eating, the last daily dose should be taken at least three hours before the night sleep. Also, be aware that you should drink a lot of liquids.

If the cough is too heavy or delayed, contact a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Good parenting can be a fool for children

Although adults and children have a wide spread of some diseases, an example of many respiratory illnesses in children can develop important respiratory diseases such as colds, viruses, and childhood bronchitis. In acute coughing, when using paraphernalia or pharmacy prescribed by a physician, some medications should be monitored damply to control the dry cough, and if it is not maintained, the medication should be changed. In the event of dry, sore wounds, antihistamines can be added to anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce irritation. The most important thing is that you need to worry about the product cough because it does not require awake for small patients, so the pillow is almost not horizontal, but quite free during walking.

We remember that adults describe our symptoms and cough, but smaller patients can not, so parents should listen to the child's cough and advise the specialist about the right treatment.

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