Tuesday , January 31 2023

Timma and Strelets have won 20 points in the Euroleague


Latvian basketball players Janis Timma and Janice Strelniek have scored 20 points in the UEFA UEFA Champions League final in Tuesday's UEFA Champions League final.

The Piraeus Club played at Munich 72: 62 in the German club Munich Bayern.

Tim's field took 29 and 54 seconds, which was the biggest game in the team. He scored 10 points this time and knows two shots and two out of six mile.

Timma closed an opponent's shot, dropped one ball and dropped four warnings, but a five-point effect caused a flaw in the duel.


In turn, Sagittarius scored 10 points in 36 seconds for 36 minutes, scored four points out of four points – the only time and a break.

The Latvian voters have two sampling points, two productive passes, two mistakes, two warnings and three proven penalties, as well as 12 efficiency ratios.

The most successful 12 points in the Olympiakos were Zux Ledev, and Vladimir Lučić and Derrick Williams scored 15 points.

On Tuesday Spanish club Angela Pacechnik, Gran Canaria's Herbalife, 76:89 (28:22, 15:25, 14:15, 19:27) accepts the reputation of Real Madrid.

The pee played 20 minutes and 13 seconds, during which he scored two points. He understood only one of six colonial points, and measured the only distance and was the only one charged.

Latvian basketball player has one more goal, one goal and four warnings, but he has seven fines. The goalkeeper finished the game with a poor coefficient -2.

The fastest 20 points scored by Real goalkeepers Anthony Rendolph, and Gerbalifi Derril Stroberia.

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