Saturday , January 28 2023

779 immigrants from Syria voluntarily return to Lebanon from Lebanon


The Lebanese Public Security Directorate said on Thursday that 779 Syrians had agreed with UNHCR and delegates to ensure voluntary return of voluntary refugees to inform the Syrian refugees who voluntarily return to their cities.

According to the directorate, immigrants moved from different parts of Lebanon to the Syrian border through the eastern, north-eastern and northern border areas of Lebanon.

In this statement, the transfer of vehicles and buses provided by the Syrian authorities to 7 points in East Beirut and to the north and south, east and north-east of the country.

It is the tenth of voluntary returnees in the agreements that have been agreed upon by the Syrian government under the supervision and arrangement of the Lebanese public safety.

Lebanon urged the international community and its international organizations to ensure the return of Syrians who move to their homeland in safe areas and to wait for a political solution to the crisis in Syria.

According to the Office for Public Security in Lebanon, the latest census of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon indicates that some 1 million Syrian refugees and about 300,000 displaced Syrians and their countrymen in Syria have a secure population of around 88,000.

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