Friday , May 20 2022

A great surprise for amateurs in the League to score points in the league


Hani Nasr El Arabi wrote – You are reading urgent news. A surprising surprise for the League of Grecian scores and a surprise for fans 365

The official representative of "Zamalek" confirmed that the club sent late payments from former players Karam El Hassan, Junior Agogo and Alexis Mundo to finish all the matches in FIFA.

According to the official representative, no points will be withdrawn from the Zhamalek balance in the league in June.

According to the official, Zamalek is trying to see Zamalek's light soon enough to win votes for Ak Tragat's fans.

Zamalek is afraid of their points in the current season if his players are not paid.

Thank you for reading the news about sports. SOLVED: You can read and follow the news from the main source in the link below, as it is a great surprise about depriving amateurs of the 365th League league scores and the content of this topic, as Dawns wrote. we do not answer the content of this news. Happy day's good wishes.

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