Thursday , October 21 2021

After Latif, Nancy and Haifa Weib: Shaaban Abdul Rahim is in danger of being threatened again


After Latif Nancy and Haifa Weib: Shaaban Abdel Rahim is again threatened with newspapers published on November 15-11. The famous Egyptian singer, Shaaban Abdul Rahim, said he was threatened with death by threatening to kill a terrorist organization. "I am in Egypt, in the government, and in my army," he said, threatening with death after a voice tape referring to an Islamic state organization. "Since 2014, the Iraqi lawyer's threat of death, the risk of death, has been banned in 2014 by Lebanese singer Nancy Ayram, forbidding her to cancel a concert in Lebanon's Sidon city, as well as" You can not enjoy this night, do not notice our patience or experience with us, All our versions of land and ojo through the sea open the fire and add to the sky. All those invited to the concert complained to their singers, dancers, and speakers. But the Lebanese star has been fighting against threats, enhancing security measures and reviving its tradition. That same year Latifa Arfaui was threatened with "invitation". Algeria's security statement lists 50 Tunisians killed including Lunia. Tunisia does not know in its report that through its social network Facebook it does not interfere with the fact that Aldaash does not diminish its love for its country and its people, as it is not only the age of God, but also that it does not prevent the participation in all concerts and artistic activities on the ground. Inda Saber did not escape the terrorist organization's threat after the emergence of the movie "Zahrat Khalab" in 2015. At that time, the star was not afraid of the danger: "As a matter of fact, I'm going to cause artifacts to cause disaster for the people." In addition to the name, the list of artists that threatened the organization of the lawyer is the famous star Haifa Weib, where the terrorist organization expressed dissatisfaction with the dress appearing on the stage of the Star Academy program in 2014 and will go to compensation in the Lebanese "Daash" cell. Click here to read the news.

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