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After leaving. What happened to Ahlime Cartier in 21 games?


After Patrice Carteron and coach Michael Lindemann dismissed, the club's technical manager, Patricia Carteron, officially closed.

The council also decided to appoint Sayed Abdel Hafiz as a ball director, and before appointing a contract with the technical director and crew of the first team, Mohamed Yosef was appointed the temporary technical director of the first team.

Ali Ahli's technical director, French Patricio Carteron, after winning the Congolese team in Mazembe in 2015, lost the first title of 48-year-old Ahli from the crown of the second African princess, after which the Al Wasl UAE team lost to each team to lose the title.

Carteron resigned from Hosam al-Badri in the summer of last year due to bad results in the League of champions in the African championship.

Tunisian champions league champions for the third time in their history, for the third time after Ahli won four goals in two matches.

Al-Ahli did not offer to fight against Mohammed Al-Shannuee from flooding Tunisia, winning 3-1. He scored three goals for Saad Bakr and scored 45, 54 and 84 minutes to score Anis Al Badri.

Al Wasl won the UAE 1-1 by putting Al Ahli out of the Arab League 2-2 in Alexandria.

Fourteen foreign trainers did not win the title of the African Champions League, even before Portugal's Manuel Jose departed for the race to finish the championship final for a variety of reasons, either before leaving or taking part in the continental championship, and twice winning the Portuguese Cavaža. In 2012, Hossam al-Badri and the second one, led by Mohammed Yusuf in 2013.

Cartier in the League of African Champions League

Carter led the Agri team at the 10 African Champions League games, won 7, played against Tunisia and lost two matches to the European Bet Sitief before winning the Tunisian champions.

Cartier at the local league

At the local league, Cartieron headed the Ahli team in six matches, replacing most of the matches into the African championship, winning 3 matches, joining 2 and meeting one of the Alexandrine's Union, scoring 9 goals, scoring five goals, including four in the single-player game.

Kateron's report on the Arab Championship

Kartrion played three matches in the Arab League, heading Al Ahli, playing 3 matches and won one match, scored 7 goals, and scored eight goals.

Carter Report in the Egyptian Cup

Carteron teamed up with Al Ahli in a match of 32 matches in Egyptian Tersana in a single match, splitting three roles into two goals and preparing to meet 16 pyramids.

There are 21 players for Cartieron with Ahli

After 21 technical games with Al Ahli Club, Cartier's total number of matches reached 6, 3, and scored 38 goals for the Red Team, and 21 goals in 21 local and African tournaments. And the Arabs.

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