Tuesday , March 21 2023

Are robot listeners at home?


IRobot, a small home robot, said it would provide Google with some of the information it has received from its robotic home users' home.

The company "Roman +7" designs robots for robots, creates maps for robotic users, and explains that these cards are stored in memory, which helps speed up cleaning, but these cards are periodically sent to Google, and join WIFI in your home.

The purpose of the IRobot process is to use this data for Google to develop software that will help make future robots with tremendous and complex tasks that the user can accomplish by using Google Voice Voice Assistant robots.

Thank you for reading the "robotic vacuum cleaners" in our homes! In the Gulf of 365, you will be able to report that the content of the topic was written by the Arab Yemen and that it was completely transcribed or quoted. With news of this news, you can get a look at Yemen's main link and track news, and we will not be happy with the best wishes for the content of this news.

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