Wednesday , June 23 2021

Despite adverse weather conditions, weather conditions and rainfall can sometimes affect on Fridays

The Black Sea-based low-altitude air force with relatively cold air masses affecting the eastern basin of the Mediterranean has reported Friday that the Department of Civil Aviation Meteorology (DEA) has said that the low-air forces of the Black Sea are weakening weather conditions and increasing rain and in some places.

The weather will be cloudy in some places, in some places clouds are reflected in low temperatures, and in mountainous areas, sometimes gradually falling in the evening, light and scattered snow at a height of 2,000 meters or more.

Hamsyz weather is also characterized by low temperatures and fog in the mountainous regions, especially in the southern and northern regions, especially in southern and northern regions, raining rainfall, lightning and thunderstorms, height of 1900 m and above. On Friday, the temperature will drop slightly, with lightning, thunder and strong winds, sometimes in the sea, 70 km / h and snow at 1800 m.

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