Friday , January 27 2023

Do not have time to examine the doctor? Choose your health and you're at home


You are a doctor
High claw density and white spots are an indication of health. [إنترنت]

Doctors have identified six signs that determine the health of the person at home.

The first indication of the health of doctors is that it is in a state of calmness, comfort and healthy eating, and vice versa, stronger immunity to the body and the need to take vitamins.

The second indicator is the high density of nails and the lack of white spots because the appearance of patchwork on the nails can cause any defects in the body's normal activity.

According to doctors, the third symptom is the absence of inflammation and bleeding, as the sensitivity of the tooth may be related to malignant odor of the oral cavity caused by dysfunction in the heart and digestive system.

The fourth indicator, stool and color, constipation or lack of diarrhea.

The fifth indicator is a long enough sleep because the lack of a stable sleep increases the type 2 diabetes mellitus, obesity and heart disease, and the absence of sleep causes people to irritate, irritate and easily infect.

According to doctors, the sixth and last health indicators are social support. Several studies in the field of psychology suggest that mental illnesses, if any, are the only human relationships.

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