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FilGoal | News The Future of Joule Ahli's "Counting Day" opens up


On Wednesday evening, Wednesday evening, Wednesday, the most important man of Al-Ahly came to Cairo airport, club president Mahmoud Khatib.

The loss of the title of KAF Champions League caused the fans to shout red. The club president, with the club, promised to celebrate the two meetings with Club President Patrice Carteron, promising to change club and club, to manage the club. determines the information, details, prospects, and items to be considered for the "day of calculation" in the Ahli.

Patrice Cartiron's report has learned from Hatib Carteron about details of the team, the players and the assistant.

He asked to send this report directly to Hatib Carteron.

Hosam Ghali, Sayed Abdel Hafiz and the Ball Committee

In the next few clubs, the role of duet in the next stage is increasing in the role of Sayed Abdel Hafiz and Hussam Ghali. knows that you have the opportunity to choose the ball as a manager.

If Al Khatib maintains Youssef as a ball manager, the duet is more expensive and appointed to play other roles for the Abdalhafiz dance teams.

Medical Device Rebuilding?

Al Ahli has a research and study of restructuring medical and auxiliary systems in Patricia Carteron.

The planned load of Dutchman Michael Lindman did not miss Maran Ahli on Wednesday. Earlier, he worked with Martin Jol on many mass accusations, for example team-mates such as team doctor Khalid Mahmud, muscle injuries.

Alqayi and privileged contracts has pledged Al Khatib's advisor adviser Adil al-Qa'idi and the chairman of the committee, Mohamed Fadl, to demonstrate the opportunity to perform the task for the winter transfer season. has been financially liberalized under a contract and has been partly a budgeted transaction to support the team.

African List

The Al Ittihad Al Ittihad corresponds to the need to forward a new version of the League of African Champions League to the African pre-scheduled for midnight on Thursday night.

Stability was limited to 23 players and left 7 places empty.

However, is not afraid to leave the club in the next few months waiting for "leather thoroughfare".

The starting list does not include players like Amr Gamal, Amr Barakat, Rami Rabia, Junior Ajay, and Salih Juma, who are fighting for the remaining 7th winter tournaments.

It will also be difficult to access this list, for example, Basmi Ali, Mohammed Najib and Sabri Rachel.

The position of Zakaria, with Moam, was terminated in the course of his negotiations to extend his contract.

The club president is expected to see the latest developments in the talks with a number of players, especially with Lebanon's defense lawyer Hussain Al-Shakhat Al-Ain and UAE's Mohammed Mahmoud midfielder Taler Mahmud and Arabian designer Therher Mohammed Taher.

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