Wednesday , May 12 2021

Habis: This is no secret to people with disabilities

"If new standards are introduced, the question of introducing independent Christians will be raised as independent Muslims," ​​said Hadi Khobeesh, deputy at a meeting with popular delegates in his home in Cuba.

He said: "The expectation of Prime Minister Hariri's return will restore ties with the establishment of the government and not a secret of one of the disabled, and the author of a new contract – the president's standards, which are in agreement with the President of the Republic, precisely and precisely from the size of the political bloc and the new standards the cards are again mixed, so I ask all political parties to consider the interests of the citizen and the interests of the country and its economy as it is enough and the Lebanese people are five months left, and all the humility and presidency of the President, and at God's desires, we invite our colleagues to Lebanon and to Sunni deputies respecting their representation to seek Lebanon's interests, and if you look at their representation, consider the Lebanese majority, . I hope there will be no new standards, there are 19 Christian members, some of them blocked, and the rest will be independent, and if new standards are introduced, then the issue of representation will be raised and the government will be re-established. "

Habish Legislative Session: "We will hold legislative sessions on Monday and Tuesday, and we will offer you important concerns about citizens, important laws that help you launch Cedar, electricity and development projects in the Akkar region. These are the laws, so we answer our responsibilities and we will be able to use some countries to keep track of the recent delays.

"I would like to congratulate the people of Akkar on the results of the military school and thank God for the great number of Akkara provinces, which confirms the effectiveness of Akcari's citizen, especially when it is characterized by the main effectiveness, and if God wants these standards to be used as candidates and individuals in the Internal Security Forces and "Akkar" will be more than the elite or the individual ".

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