Tuesday , January 31 2023

Kuwait arrived in Syria on Tuesday as a "friendly"


KUWAIT CITY, (SANA) – Kuwait accepts Syria with "sincerity" Tuesday, we will send you visitors. Syria "friendly" arrives on Tuesday.

Sakr News will be in Kuwait with Kuwait on Tuesday as part of preparations for the upcoming international friendly match and the second place in the UAE in 2019 for the Asian Cup.

Last Saturday's meeting against Syria, scheduled for Bahrain, was a game against Syria due to heavy rainfall in the country due to stadium failure and government fears over the storm.

The fourth meeting of the Kuwaiti team led by Croatian coach Romeo Jozak, defeated Iraq 2-2, lost to Lebanon 1-0 and Australia four defeats.

In the current squad, he scored a few goalkeepers, including goalkeeper Khalid Al Rashidi, defender Ghazi al-Fahidi and midfielder Talal Al Fadel.

Qatari midfielder Fahd al-Anesi was injured in an operation requiring less than three months to complete the training.

For its part, Australia, Jordan and Palestine, Syria's team preparing for the Asian Cup in Group B, held two training sessions on Saturday after arriving in Kuwait with Oman 1-1.

Al-Hilal striker Omar Hribin is not expected to be injured, German Eagle trainer Bernd Stange hopes Saudi forward Omar Al-Suma will be ready to take part in the team's attack and hopefully drop to seven in the last eight games. He wins only five wins and two defeats.

Source: AFP

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Source: RT Arabic (Russia Today)

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