Saturday , June 3 2023

Looking back to the dollar to increase the risk of gold risk


Gold prices stabilized yesterday's trade after yesterday's high two-week highs, as the appetite for the dollar was affected by appetite risk.
According to Reuters, gold rose by 0.1 percent to $ 1,227.25.
Yesterday, the price rises from November 7 to $ 1230.07, and the jet crude gained $ 1227.6 per ounce futures in the US futures.
Among other precious metals, silver was silver, where exchange operations were $ 14.49 per ounce.
Platinum rose by 0.5 percent to 845 ounces, and palladium rose by 0.2 percent and was 1 ounce 149.77 ounces.
The dollar fell yesterday because global demand for consolidated security currencies has dropped, as risk exposures have helped investors to sell their aftermarket sales in the near future.
Profit increased as currency risk indicators, such as EURCHF and Canadian Dollar, climbed on Thanksgiving markets in the US.
The index of the dollar against the basket of other currencies has dropped by 0.1% to 97,693 at the beginning of the month.
This week, the dollar has been under pressure from the Federal Reserve officials to warn of a possible global slowdown that has raised concerns about the US interest rate rising.
The euro has grown by 0.1% since investors have been cautious about the upcoming forecast, after a slight reduction in the EU's tensions on the European debt bottlenecks with the European Union.
The pound did not change to reach $ 1,2775 because traders were eager to see progress in the UK exit contract.
At the same time, Asian reserves were cautious in trade, and China continued to suffer losses because investors were worried about slowing down global growth due to the rise in American interest rates and trade tensions.

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