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Maya Diab congratulates Feruz on her birthday


Maya Dibai congratulates Fayruz on his birthday with a stunning message. News news – News stories – Dzhululu news details Maya Diab congratulates Fairoire on his birthday with a stunning message. Witness:

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Lebanese singer Maya Diab congratulated her compatriot Feuer on her 83rd birthday birthday on Instagram's own page.

In Maya Diab's comment: "On the holiday, on the festive day, with patriotic feeling and independence, you gave me my personal preference, my nationality, my dignity and pride.

He said: "I have learned nostalgia and education for your child, no matter what your age or what we have learned, and hope that you will enjoy your life in everyday life, everyday life, lifetime, and salvation. Our lives have changed.

He continued, "O Rit Mnadr, you gave me each one of us. My love belongs to you and every day Vita Bezid is my affiliate and national artistic, galoo, personality, mother, "My love for value and Motherland love Motherland, Mother loves their children, so I've seen everything I've met with Ziad. Bshov's love is unpleasant. Elke's new age, his homeland, and nothing about them, and no homeland. You will not come back to the things you have stopped. "


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