Tuesday , June 6 2023

News Agency in Jerusalem – Abu Arab Al-Khilwa met with Mujahideen Movement and Ansar League


Chief of the Palestinian National Security Forces in Lebanon, Major-General Subhi Abu Arab, is visiting Sheikh Jamal Habat, leader of the Islamic Movement Movement on Thursday, and member of the Shura Council of the Islamic Ansar al-Asseri Sheikh Abu Tarek al-Saadi's "Islamic Movement" headquarters in Ain al-Hilveh.

The meeting was attended by National Security Commander Major General Munir Al-Maghdah, Brigadier General Halid Al-Shaib and Colonel Said Al-Assaus, as well as representatives of the Abu Suab Dakha and Abu Mohamed Balata.

The participants discussed security and general situation at the Al-Hilwe camp, the Al-Miehh and Mieh camp. "The need to safeguard the security of our people and our people in camps and camps".

Participants noted "the importance of joint action for the benefit of our people and our people".

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