Thursday , September 29 2022

Symptoms of appendicitis in children requiring surgical intervention


Appendicitis is not only painful for children, but also life-threatening. However, surgical interventions can not be used immediately, and doctors first resort to antibiotics.

German pediatrician Herman Joseph Carl explained that the cause of the appendix was not precisely identified and could be caused by fecal matter remedies by doctors, which helps to increase inflammatory bacteria. It can also be caused by parasite.

It becomes chest
Symptoms of appendicitis include pains around the abdomen, especially around the stomach, chest to the right, as well as appetite, fever, vomiting, fatigue and exhaustion.

The German doctor warns that if the child is unable to prolong his / her right leg or raise or pain, it is a warning sign of appendicitis.

In turn, Professor Brendie Telig is an important diagnostic tool for ultrasonic scanning, in addition to measuring clinical and inflammatory blood values, and in this way diagnosis of acute appendicitis is 90%.

Pediatric surgeons will not be required to undergo immediate surgery, and simple appendicitis can often be treated with antibiotics.

But still go to the hospital and get antibiotics in the form of solutions in the first three days.

Thus, antibiotics are more likely to act as doctors and do the necessary actions if antibiotics do not achieve the desired results.

Surgical intervention
If the inflammation is severe or does not improve after antibiotics for 3 days, it is necessary to remove the appendectomy to prevent abdominal and inflammatory bacterial infections and to increase the risk of severe peritonitis.

Professor Tim Nihuis said he should be taken to a hospital that would indicate that he could return home two to five days after surgery.

The pediatrician said that the child should be comfortable after returning home, and that he could go to school or kindergartens within a week.

You should consult your doctor if you have any difficulties such as your injury or redness.

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