Tuesday , January 31 2023

"Tears and Tears" by teams and teams from Egypt (Report)


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Tunisian striker Radisson Blues at the League of Champions League 2018, the Al Ittiham football team's heavyweight trio, the Tch's five-year-olds' dreams of returning African jewelry and second to red team.

In the past quarter century, Egyptian fans have suffered severe blows from Egyptian players who lost their clubs and teams and lost three of the most prominent and decisive games in the trials that led to the loss of titles and breaks.

In the final final of the 2007 Erie Tri League Triumph Championship, at the Cairo International Stadium in 2007, three trio trials under Chermiti and his comrades led to the unprecedented triumph of Red Hany and a third African trophy.

In 1994, Al-Turcee lost to Tunisia in the last final of the League of champions in the final and could not win the match in the Al-Menzah stadium.

One more severe third part of the Egyptian Ball to Return to the final of the African Champions League in South Africa's San-Dames stadium, San Salvador, said that it would be hard for children to come back home.

Brazil and Italy before the performance of Pharaohs under the teacher Hassan Shekhat, as well as the Homs World Champion, while his American colleague waited for the big victory of the Egyptian team at the expense of his American counterpart in 2009 edition of the Confederate Cup, in Sam's Pharaohs network, lose their competition.

The scenario was repeated in the 2018 World Cup in Russia and the Egyptians reached the final in the first match against Uruguay, but the Russian bear was given three, announcing early Egyptian wrestling.

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