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The 7 things you expected caused hypertension! – translate dope light


High blood pressure can cause long-term health problems, such as heart attack, stroke, and other diseases that affect the arterial wall. Blood pressure is determined by blood flow to the bloodstream and the blood flow in the arteries. Blood is high in blood, blood vessels are narrow, and blood pressure is elevated.

The causes of high blood pressure, including genetic factors, excessive alcohol consumption and insulin resistance syndrome, and secondary causes such as pregnancy and renal disease change. But something that does not know about hypertension is mental disorders and nervous pressure, which is the inner extension of the serious illness.

In this regard, the Web D Web site has highlighted some unhealthy issues that cause high blood pressure.

1. The feeling of loneliness

The meaning of loneliness is not measured by the feelings of true communication with us, rather than the number of friends around us. Tension or depression is one of the most serious emotions that can not be explained by humans, and is the main cause of mental and health problems. According to researchers, abandonment, frustration, and constant fear of safety and security can cause the body to function and cause high blood pressure.

2. Shortage of potassium in the body

The kidneys need a balance between sodium and potassium to keep the blood in the blood. When this equilibrium is eliminated, it leads to the imbalance of blood in the blood and warns high blood pressure. Therefore, specialists focus on eating fruits, vegetables, beans, fat-free milk or fish as sources of potassium.

Problems of thyroid gland

When the thyroid hormone is insufficient, it slows the heart rate and reduces arterioles. Blood flow through blood vessels with high blood pressure.

AntikonvulsansAntikonvulsants include components of blood vessels compression, which hinders the bloodstream volume and impairs the blood vessels. Therefore, these antibiotics reduce blood pressure and reduce their effectiveness. So if you have high blood pressure, consult your physician or pharmacist to help you choose susceptible foods and cold foods to help you choose the right recipes.

AntidepressantsDrugs, such as dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin, may cause mood and blood pressure changes. Serotonin reuptake inhibitors, the most common type of antidepressant, can increase blood pressure if it affects serotonin with lithium or other drugs.

6. DroughtWhen the body does not have enough water, the blood vessels become intense. Since this brain does not send a signal to the pituitary, it releases chemicals that make it easy. To protect the body against dehydration, the kidneys adhere to their fluids and stimulate the blood vessels in the heart and the brain, and more can be squeezed out.

7. tabletsCancer, injection, and other contraceptive changes occur in the hormones of the body that leads to narrowing of the blood vessels. Thus, your high blood pressure. Women over 35 or overweight often have high blood pressure. Therefore, it is recommended to monitor blood pressure, check every 6-12 months.

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