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The cause of malignant cancer in Arab countries is much greater than the world


The cause of the spread of malignant neoplasms in the Arab countries is more than the rest of the world Binoculars, in my opinion, are the reason for the spread of oocyte cancer in arterial countries in the world over the rest of the world, what is the reason for the spread of urea cancer in Arab countries compared to other countries? The world is spreading news through your current telescope, and is the reason why the bloodiest diseases in the Arab world have widespread worldwide since the most important news.

Laparoscopic urinary tract cancer is the seventh part of the infected and 5% of all malignant tumors.

Last year, 500,000 new tumors were diagnosed and 150,000 people died, compared to women in men, and the average age of the diagnosis is 65 years.

Fortunately, 85% of the blood cancer is common in the diagnosis, and only 15% are isolated from the urea.

Significant factors of prostate cancer:

Smoking is the most important factor of cancer, which is responsible for more than half of cases and smoking is at least 3 times higher among smokers.

Chemicals, such as benzene, arsenic, dyes and rubber, are used in the industry.

Aging, white race and family history.

Chronic inflammation and continuous irritation caused by stones, catheters and foreign bodies.

Some genetic disorders, such as dysfunction in chromosomal 9 and absence of chromosome 11 and p53 gene.

Symptoms of Urogen Diarrhea: Symptoms of abdominal pain and 90% of patients with lower urinary tract symptoms, such as gallstones and mammary glands, and generalized symptoms such as urinary tract infections, common fatigue, fatigue, and general fatigue visible.

90% of the brush tumors are transitional cell carcinomas, and other types are rarely seen as rare cellular carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, and sarcoma. Papillary tumors in this form are papillary carcinomas or smooth (smooth) smooth carcinomas.

There is a need to radically remove mutations through invasive tumors of the abdomen with various invasive neoplasms, depending on the stomach and the patient's health, and in certain cases, certain chemicals are introduced to reduce the risk of recurrence of chemical reactions. The tumor is raised.

In fact, cancer is the seventh general tumor in the world, but it is common in Africa and the Arab countries and may be the most common in some.

The Arab region has a large spread of malignant tumors in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. What is the scientific explanation of this great spread that contradicts the global proportion of cancer?

The main reason for the spread of schistosomiasis is schistosomiasis.

This disease is caused by blood vessels, it occurs in some countries in the world and affects nearly 350 million people all over the world, which is very common in the Arabian Region, especially in the aforementioned countries.

When the larva in contaminated water penetrates into the skin, it enters the bloodstream and is located in the uterus of the urea, where live and mature, multiply egg on the urea and put eggs. Diarrhea is based on clinical symptoms, laboratory tests, radiography, and cystoscopy. The most common symptoms of uric acid are: hematuria, severe injection, pain and secondary infections. Diagnosis is based on clinical symptoms, laboratory tests, radiography and cystoscopy. Detection of urine in urine is a confirmed diagnosis.

Chronic chistosomiasis, which causes persistent inflammatory irritation in the mutation, is triggered by tumor-like tumor and passes 10 years after injury.

In vitro cancer is the worst case of transient cancer and its treatment. The media is limited and generally does not meet chemicals and radiation injections, where the most effective treatment is radical extruding with polycyclic.

Important measures to prevent schistosomiasis include: education and public awareness on causes and methods of infection, focusing on irrigation systems, drinking water and general hygiene.

In order to prevent the occurrence of time and to prevent cancer, it is necessary to treat the disease efficiently and quickly. At present, there are many effective and successful treatments for the treatment of schistosomiasis, including: Prazikvantel, Metri Fontaine.

Urea cancer also occurs by lower urinary endoscopy

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