Sunday , August 7 2022

The Elon Mask is called the "Spice X"


Mascara Elon

President of Spice X Aerospace Industries Alon Mask has decided to name his next missile that runs around the Moon and can reach Starship once a day.

"We re-designate BFR + with StarShip +," wrote Elon Mask, Twitter.

BFR is a short name for this large rocket that is currently being developed, its short name for Big Falcon Rocket, but Spice X has never officially confirmed this name.

Elon Musk company has started its work on September 17 in Hawthorne, Calif. The headquarters of Spice X is one of the most powerful vehicles ever built on the 118-meter BFR, when Japanese billionaire Yasouz Mizawa announced that by 2023, the sixth-eight artists would be the first to land in orbit.

Spice X currently has two missiles – Falcon 9, which has over 60 missions since 2012, including 18 this year, and Falcon Hawie has launched a heavy load in February.

But these two missiles are distributed for Starship, said Elon Mask.

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