Thursday , September 29 2022

The fight between judges and lawyers … ends with a solution!


The night before the meeting last night, violent justice in Lebanon was distributed. Lawyers and judges face to face. Melanie strongly holds hearts and nerves. Meetings and related statements. The knight of "Justice Knights" has been criticized by their captain Andrey Chidyak for defending "some fairy-tale lawyers" in their carefulness. Waiting for lawyers to wait for advocates after the lawyers 'attorneys' arrest and their second release after hearing was filed with court for compensation of several human rights lawyers and judges in connection with the petition filed by the applicant for compensation to the Society for the Protection of the Animals. At the appointed time, hundreds of lawyers were attending the lawyer's home. The captain decided to spend the meeting in his office before attending the hall with many lawyers. Five points in Beirut's Bar Association are adversely affected by the "emergency response" and "advocate's mission in the justice courts." He began with "the immunity of a lawyer" who did not abjure the judiciary's destruction. "The Supreme Judicial Council is a legitimate representative of the judiciary," he said, criticizing "illegal judges" after "denying the actions of some judges and judges outside of the ordinary trial of lawyers." He spoke specifically about a lawyer, Nabil Rade, in the case of Judge Samar Al-Bahri, several lawyers who threaten the North Lawyers Association and the Judicial Club, which issued the Judicial Council's statement. Al-Shaikh did not accept "unlawful measures against the lawyer's lawyer in the course of illegal and slanderous illegal acts". He said "some of the judges are damaging the attorneys' dignity and infringe on the lack of staff to carry out rituals and laughs." He called the complaint of the lawyers on the delay in the hearings and the delay in the court decisions, which relate to the work of the judiciary. The captain made a speech, urged the attorneys to keep their sittings, holding open sessions of the Council.

The master has ended until a number of attorneys have objected to the position of the captain who has appointed him a martyr. Despite the fact that the captain had stopped all the scandals, he found "a mood" because he was "without warning". However, according to the Beirut Bar Association, this statement has been reproduced on a regular basis without disturbing institutions. The eyes of the union were extended by the lawyers and extended their hands to achieve difficulties. It ended with an hour after the meeting of the Supreme Judicial Council, which made a statement on the relationship between judges, lawyers and judicial assistants. The complaint had a positive effect on lawyers half way. Expressing his confidence in the reputation of judges, lawyers and prosecutors, he noted the need for lawyer immunity and jurisdictional competent jurisdictions to deal with any legal or litigation involving the proceedings. He also expressed a wish to intensify the long tradition of our ancestors and the meetings of the Supreme Court Council and two advocacy associations (in Beirut and in the North) and to hold a joint workshop to achieve the goals in the near future. Al-Akbar aims to bring this workshop closer and revitalize the judicial inspectorate and activate the Disciplinary Council in the Bars community.

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