Saturday , January 28 2023

The Lebanese Ambassador to Algeria went to Akkar: The Pact will be fair for all the regions


The Lebanese ambassador to Algeria, Mohamed Hasan, visited the center of the British Language Center located in Benbecin, Ascari, and was the Director of the Ali Jood Center.

"The appointment of Dr. Mohamed Hassan as the ambassador to Algeria in Lebanon is a fair step, he puts the right person in the right place, and the message from the Governor of Akkar is a message for all young people," said Hassan.


In turn, Ambassador Hassan praised "the role of the Center" and emphasized that "Akkar has ruined the whole country, and has lost its prosperity for its people."

She thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government as a whole and the Pact that it hopes for, and will benefit all the Lebanese regions, especially Akkar. "

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