Monday , January 30 2023

The missing pictures of Picasso may be false


Paintings found recently in Romania are considered Picassone, and may be false. Experts believe that Picasso's paintings were found after being stolen from the Kunsthalle Museum in Rotterdam in 2012 (called "the Theft of the Century"). Paintings in the Netherlands media, Glory, yesterday, according to Reuters. Nos said that after the anonymous report in the province of Toulouse, he gave a picture of the Romanian police to Frank Wesserman. Westerby said he had received e-mail from the Belgian theater company on the show, which featured theatrical performances of popular artworks. According to him, the painting, which resembles a fake plate, is hidden in secret.

On the other hand, one of the curators of the museum was found to be a counterfeit on the basis of the pictures seen by Harley's Head.

In 2012, four stealing rumors from Romania lasted 3 minutes, stolen Monet and Matisse other stamps and 160 million pounds sterling. According to experts, some of the paintings that have been found so far have been violated by the mother of the kidnapper, and after the police began searching, she announced that she had burned the painting, but she returned and admitted it.

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