Saturday , June 3 2023

The US asks its allies not to use Huawei devices


The US government tries to persuade wireless and Internet providers to allies in order to prevent communications from China's Huawei Technologies, Wall Street Journal reports on Thursday. According to the report, US officials have said that Huawei devices continue to be associated with governments and telecom managers in friendly countries around the world as they see e-security as a threat.

Huawei has recently been in the United States.

Intellect and other intelligence leaders have expressed concern that Huawei and other Chinese companies will be loyal to the Chinese government or ruling Communist Party and increase spying risks.

Wall Street Journal reported in its report that Washington has envisaged increasing the amount of financial aid for the development of the telecommunications sector in countries that have been abandoned by Chinese devices. Among the concerns of the government is the use of Chinese means of communication in countries with American military bases such as Germany, Italy and Japan.

A US Department of Commerce spokeswoman said the ministry was threatening US national security.

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