Tuesday , June 6 2023

Tramp once again thanked Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia has done a great deal of control over oil prices


Citizenship is Riyadh

Within 24 hours, US President Donald Trump thanked the king for his efforts to control oil prices.
Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Khalid Al-Falek confirmed in November that oil production in Saudi Arabia was higher than in October, and in January the demand for oil will decline and Saudi Arabia will be in the midst of demand and worry about the global market.
"We do not go out of the market, which worries us," says Falek, "no one is interested in a vacuum."

The President of the United States thanked for calling for a lower price yesterday for his role in maintaining oil prices.

"Oil prices are falling like the United States and the world in the form of huge tax cuts, and they have been valued at $ 54, thanks to Saudi Arabia," the president wrote on his official Twitter account.

Speaking at a press conference today, Trump said that he was talking about protecting the borders of his country and the Saudi-American relations.

Oil prices were dependent on Thursday's stability and uncertainty despite the efforts of the OPEC on Thursday.

Crude oil Brent crude oil from 090 GMT dropped to 67 cents per barrel. After the fall of the dollar before the session WTI fell from one barrel and lost 49 cents and made $ 53.84 per barrel.

According to the United States Energy Information Administration, crude oil reserves in the United States last week rose to 4.9 million barrels, up 446.91 million barrels. The highest level of this inventory since December of last year.

The oil market is also exerting pressure on the weak Asian market as investors worry about the slowdown in global growth ahead of the growth of American interest rates and trade tensions.

Traditionally Thursday, trading in the US Thanksgiving Day remains quiet until Monday.

OPEC is considering a breakout agreement at its regular meeting on December 6 due to food security and a fall in oil prices, but Iran's membership in Iran expects any voluntary reductions. Russia, the OPEC ally, did not intend to participate in any action.

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