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Video Thus, Turki Al Sheikh sponsors musical talent in the Arab world


12:51 August 14, 2019

Books – Hany Saber:

The adviser, Turki Al Sheikh, on his Facebook account, announced a video by Hamada Ismail, a prominent producer, and said, "I will wait for you and Hamama Ismail and Aharoni from the ocean to Persia."

In the picture painter Hamada Ismail said: "The Arab world sends a 3-minute video to identify the whole Arabian world, but it's not an opportunity to connect with people with talent, but it's not a chance to associate itself with people from the ocean to the Persian Gulf."

She continues: "Selected talents are grouped into one album, and the album is released at a high level and is best offered to the public."

He pointed out that this idea was supported by a consultant Turki Al Sheikh and was implemented by Falunt and implemented under the leadership of Hamza Ismail.

He adds: "The counselor has gone from Al-Sheikh, and I am a celebrity. It's hard to surprise me, so try to surprise us, wait for your pictures and wish them all success. "

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