Thursday , September 29 2022

Will Bolashak participate in today's legislative session?


Parliamentary sources in the Bolashak blog said in an interview with the Al-Liva newspaper that block members are taking part in a legislative session, not taking into account the principles set out by Sailan Hasan Nasrallah today. This is due to the fact that President Saad Harir will be speaking at a press conference tomorrow. , But "if we want others to raise the issue of the government, we will answer."

Sources were devoted to discussing the agenda items of the meeting that took place at the Center House in the evening last night, covering 39 items, and resolved at the end of the debate on the bloc's involvement in projects related to the law, bills or proposals that are not related to the obligations, especially the bulk of the Agenda , the bloc sources do not comply with bill bills on draft laws, depending on draft laws and draft proposals, on Tuesday Nabih Berri emphasized that the meeting's promise was in line with a press conference in the Central House of Prime Minister Harare, which is expected to take part in the bloc, so he wants President Barry to raise the fate of the meeting or the fate of the quorum, the law remains in the resigned government and many issues on the agenda are not classified as required and they do not vote. This was stated yesterday by Pierre Bo Asi, Member of Parliament on Social Affairs.

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