Saturday , January 28 2023

A big crater was found in Paris after the Greenland ice


This is the first crater in Greenland and the continental ice cover of the Earth. There are 25 known ones on our planet by the size of this crater, writes Science Advances magazine.

The 31-kilometer crater is under the icy crust. Meteorite must have a significant impact on the region, even in the world, scientists say.

But his story begins again.

"The atmosphere was thrown away from the particles that should be affected by the climate. Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Kansas, John Paired, says: "The Ners Strait between Canada and Greenland can break many ice.

"The arguments prove that the Grand Island could originate from the continental ice, but the research team is still investigating the exact time," he said.

This opening was made in 2015, but the international team of scientists has checked the results.

The first discovery is based on the NASA Arctic Regional Climate Assessment (PARCA) and the Arctic Ice Trackback Mission Mission IceBridge.

VIDEO: Massive crater found during Greenland ice

Later, additional data was collected using the radar technology.

"It was impossible to give the crater the right day, but its condition was formed after the Greenland coast, but it was 3 million. and maybe about 12,000. at the end of the last ice age, "said Dr. Kurt Kyeer, Professor of the Center for Geoenetics, Denmark's Natural History Museum.

Scientists try to get materials from the bottom of the glaciers, and they help them learn more about the impact of the collision and its impact on Earth life.

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