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Armstrong cosmonauts sell things from their father's collection


The metal tile on July 20, 1969, depicts the Apollo Docking Module.

When he was taken to the ground, this plate was fixed on a table and served Armstrong, the first man on the moon.

Two other cosmonauts – Edwin Aldrin, Buzz and Michael Collins, who took part in this flight, also received the following tables.

N. Armstrong's sons, Rick and Mark, decided to sell some of their fathers in 2012, gathering a large collection of over 2,000 items.

The set of parts was sold from auction in Dallas from Thursday to Saturday. They also became available online.

The next two sales are scheduled for May and two in November. Like the first one, they are organizing the auction house – a "Heritage auction."

The festive table was sold far more than expected, the key element of the auction was the American flag on Moon, but did not hide it.

This flag was 45 cm long and 29 cm long, sold in space and sold for 275 thousand pieces. US dollars (EUR 240.9 thousand), including taxes and commissions.

Its value exceeded three times and exceeded the projected value – 75 thousand. dollars (65.7 thousand euro).

N. Armstrong's armies were two brothers Brothers Wright. The flight of this aircraft in December 1903 was regarded as a modern aviation flight.

The aeronautical accident N. Armstrong accepted the mission of Apollo 11, so their historical significance doubled. Each set was sold for 275 thousand. dollars – 9 times more than forecasted.

The first item sold in Armstrong's arm was worth $ 5.2 million. (€ 4.55 million), reports Heritage Auctions.

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