Thursday , October 21 2021

Attracting pilots from Ireland to unknown substances in the sky


BBC airline pilot reports Fridaythis morning He contacted the Shannon Airport Traffic Control Station. She wanted to know if there was any military exercise in the area because she noticed that she was a "fast moving object."

Air Traffic Controller assured us that there is no training in this area.

Montreal observed a very light-emitting shape that emerged from the Canadian Heathrow airport on the left side of the aircraft, and then "quickly moved north."

The woman wanted to know what would happen, but she assured her that there was no danger of colliding with the object.

The Virgin Airlines pilot saw phenomenal phenomena and thought it was a meteor or other object that crossed the Earth's atmosphere. He noticed several objects similar to that trajectory and noticed that they were very bright. Pilate said that he had seen "two bright things" on the right side of the plane, and then increased speed.

Other pilot objects or objects say they are moving at "astronomical speeds."

What can this be?

Apostolos Christophe, the Armag Observatory and the planetarium astronomy, that is, the atmosphere of the Earth is at a very high rate of space dust.

"This is probably the so-called star," he said. "According to eyewitnesses, they see bright brilliants, so I think the objects or things are too big. I can not say for sure, but from the description of the pilots space dust or stones could be around the size of the walnut or apple. "

According to astronomers, this type of sky phenomenon is frequently encountered in November. Calculated annually 40 thousand tons of space dust reach the Earth.

The Irish Aircraft Administration (IAA) is investigating this phenomenon.

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