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Bronislaw, Head of Heavy Diseases: Breathing Deficiency Prevents Bleeding, I Have Done at Night | Life


What Is Disease?

Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD, COPD) is a severe pulmonary disease that can be used to perform simple homework depending on the high breathing rate. Recent World Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD), COPD is the fourth cause of death in the world, and the fifth in Lithuania. The disease is not healing, but it can be slowed down by changing its lifestyle and taking regular medicines. Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 patients in Lithuania are not even treated.

Mr. Bronislaw is not one of them. Movement, annual relaxation in the sea, a positive attitude and regular consumption of medication has slowed the development of the disease, and now it is easier to talk about the disease.

"I could not go to bed"

The ugerman is a lifetime. He talks about a 6-kilometer murder each day – saving money and saving money. However, after losing heavy pulmonary diseases, the path of the uglers is significantly reduced.

"The illness was slow. I'm just one kilometer away. After 500 meters, I was unable to sleep on the bed at night and had to sleep at night. It just hurt him, he was hurt and I could not breathe – I did not have to breathe for at least one minute, "said B. Kaselis.

Self-inflicted disease was previously reported – Gargule in the throat, as Mr. Bronislovas said, "hockey sings in the throat." During the month, nobody lifted his hand to get up and lifted. The most commonly used polyclinic was in the hospital.

Active lifestyle and drug use

The life of B.Casel survived the weather – he worked at the meteorological station for most of his human life. Health never complained, but for a short period of time, it was common for them to go out to the square with accurate measurement.

Smoking is a major factor in smoking, of which more than 8 out of 10 smokers.

"Now I am between the ages of 16 and 100. It's a lot of diseases, lots of sugar, but I like sweet foods. Enjoyed diabetes and good diet. And does not know if the lungs are good or not, "says Bronislov.

In the summer, it is not forbidden to take an active leisurely lifestyle while hiking, relaxing, and medication.

"Whatever the weather, I go to the forest for 9 hours. I go there and go to bed late. The seafront is getting better and immediately gets better, "says Ukrmanskie's maritime privileges and other people with COPD: on the road, with more work and sleep. There are plans in the future, but they say that they can not plan, just three days before, because God exists stools We'll get rid of our laughter, "Bronislova laughs.

Every third smoking is a serious illness

COPD usually diagnoses after 40 years. and older patients. Many of them have men or women who have long experience of intensive smoking. Smoking is a major risk factor for COPD, and 8 out of 10 smokers (WHO data for 2017). In the weather, people who spend a lot of time in the air and breathe in the air are exposed to the risk of serious illness.

Image of Vida Press. His father smokes when the baby is watching

Image of Vida Press. His father smokes when the baby is watching

Clinic of Vul Santaros, pulmonologist Elena Jarevicene, COPD is a morbid disease. Symptoms may not develop for a long time, and the patient suffers from cough that is often seen as a consequence of smoking. In the course of progress, such symptoms often include other respiratory distress disorders, usually heart attacks. At the same time, both diseases are the main factor of smoking.

"If a person is a smoker and he is over 40, he should be tested for COPD. As we begin to treat this illness, it may or may not progress.

It is important to talk to patients who are smoking, because patients do not smoke, but unfortunately the drug is bad and the progression of the disease is clearer, "said pulmonologist.

What is treatment?

COPD adversely affects the lungs and destroys their function, which makes it easier to prevent and treat the disease. The main prophylactic measure is to stop smoking.

"If the disease is already detected, the quality of life will improve. First of all, you should stop smoking and start regular treatment. Then the patient will be able to live a good life for a long time, "said E. Jarevicene.

Treatment of the patient is medicinal and non-medicinal, which is very important for effective management of the disease. The following factors are important factors for reducing the risk of the disease symptoms and reducing the risk of anxiety:

  • Stop smoking and / or reduce internal and external pollution;
  • Regular use of medicines;
  • Physical activity;
  • Balanced diet;
  • A positive attitude.

Medication should be stable, which will help reduce the risk of disease progression and slow the development of the disease. Since October, the Ministry of Health has been 100% Also, a new generation of COPD medications is included in the compensation list. Pulmonologist doctors now are more accessible to patients and are more likely to be cured, so many KOOP patients hope to be treated and enjoy a better life.

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