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Depending on delays and technical issues, Windows 10 can be upgraded.


About a month after the start of the initial announcement, Microsoft was able to reboot Windows – October 10, 2018 – This update almost immediately disappeared after trying to distribute it because some users have lost an error.

Windows 10 is automatically saved
Windows 10 is automatically saved

Typically, Windows functional updates are distributed in stages, automatically providing new downloads for certain periods of time, which does not include this timeout. First, the idea of ​​installing a new system version will be divided into two groups: people who use the special media maker to manually search updates and enter the new system. If these users do not allow new errors, Windows 10 will be available to other users in the coming weeks.

It is noteworthy that the failure of Microsoft to fail the system upgrade is usually unsatisfactory and the date of the release date is November 13. This is important for the "windows support" operating system. Starting from that date, the support period started with Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 1809.

Microsoft encourages software testing and development, as some enthusiast users make Windows 10 updates available. Data loss errors appeared even before the official Windows Insider user update, but for unknown reasons, Microsoft did not consider these complaints as significant: Microsoft's reaction was limited to a new feature – it was important for those who passed the pre-tested to find the obvious mistake. For example, an error that leads to data loss is, to be sure, more important than unusual signs or inappropriate text. However, it is difficult to say how sorting will increase the quality and effectiveness of the error reporting.

Does Microsoft change?

Microsoft promises to be open to the Windows 10 development and testing process, and within a few months you can see how operating system developers have changed their relationships and processes. The quality of Microsoft software is always evaluated on several different levels and in different sizes. For example, when users begin to complain after an updated version of the operating system is released, a "initial error of quality" is about the stability and reliability of the new functional update. Detecting this type of error means that the test operating system has done an incorrect operating system. Updates to cyber security enhanced on Tuesday and issues related to "long-term quality" – weekly reliability and efficiency.

Although Microsoft has identified the problem with the latest update, the company will appreciate the operating system trajectory. Company managers rely on certain indicators that are used to estimate the operating system satisfaction level. The first is the number of complaints received from users after the "incidence rate" or after each system upgrade. Throughout Windows 10, this figure has dropped steadily. This is a good idea of ​​Microsoft. However, events may be misleading. Windows 10 error for most users is a cosmetic error, which, like loss of data, has a small number of users, but receives more messages than the most recent event after the incident.

Another indicator is the "net promoter's score", or how users are ready to offer each version of Windows 10 to their friends and family. Representatives of the company believe that the growth of this index and the spring version of Windows 10 have always been the best. However, this indicator can not show any significant problems that fewer users face.

The Windows user base is huge and complex – up to 700 million. Consumers, 35 million 175 mln. 16 million unique drivers and a combination of hardware – so the probability of a specific problem inherent to a specific configuration that has occurred to one another or to another is great. Data loss has been linked to only one of the following configurations: it affected the Windows users who use the standard configuration, but they have damaged some of the optional attributes.

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