Thursday , July 29 2021

For payment card – tax incentives? – Y-News

According to the representatives of associations belonging to the Lithuanian Consumer Alliance, outdated social errors are frequently and completely unfair. Because public opinion on financial topics is formed by paid banking analysts and banks with information support centers themselves. Banks propagate, which is based on one-sided discourse, such as "end of life", called consumers' "bulls" and offers to counteract facts.

The lack of signs of banks in our society, the popular stereotypes about changing the existing network of new settlements will not be criticized by comparing Lithuania with other EU countries.

2018 data Source: European Central Bank

"Lithuanians, on average, use bank cards less than the inhabitants of other European countries, for example, Germans or Italians, less Irish and Spanish. […] Therefore, we are not the main skeletons, because we try to stick to our head. Banks have a very self-motivating incentive to earn money from intermediaries to pay for goods or services, "said the Secretary General of the Lithuanian Banking Clients Association, not to stop the banks' money laundering and cash management service, as Director Rutens Paukstein.

Representatives of Consumer Organizations reflect their beliefs about the advantages of non-cash settlement. However, in their opinion, honey-based measures are not needed to help the consumer. According to Kstutis Kupshis, Executive Director of the Fair Trade Association, the introduction of new e-purchases and cross-checking systems, which are appealing to the state tax inspection in Lithuania businesses, should be relatively simple and the buyer and seller are ultimately the beneficiaries of the transaction transactions carried out by the user through cash desks.

"If the merchant is not paid in cash and the buyer receives reimbursement of the individual income tax on the card, the merchant will pay 1% VAT. If we talk about the tax burden on households, why is it a high objective – to reduce the net by fiscal incentives to use electronic money, and to determine the size of the shadow economy? The saved interest point of VAT is a great incentive for maintenance of the payment terminal at the auction. "

The government is encouraged to make such incentives primarily due to the risks of not collecting a small part of the tax, but with a significant increase in post-profit revenues after consumers are aware of the advantages of electronic settlement. Reduction of cash payments will reduce the shadow economy as there is an increase in transactions. However, this must not be forbidden, for example, by restricting the use of "cash payments" and similar measures. Advertising measures that give the user significant benefits for non-commercial use. And repeated propaganda by the bankers did not work, the Lithuanians had to cling to the net and to go on a Swedish road (Sweden was Sweden's only country in the world, and with a radical possibility of purely defiance). People feel the distorted knowledge of banks that still estimate net profit, and even keep in touch with the network so as to be as small as possible from banks, "said the head of the Adalbanking Association.

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