Wednesday , October 5 2022

Four people have been killed in Lithuania this autumn


The State Labor Inspectorate (SLI) has shown that four employees (two thirds of the dead) were seriously injured in the last three months – nine people (one third of those who suffered severe injuries during that period).

When preparing the report, SLI received information on the incident in Gargoda. Two employees of UAB Domex Estate, working on the on-board platform, with a raised towing truck, fell in the distance of 3 meters, breaking the cradle. According to preliminary data, one person has an abnormal leg and the other is headache.

The accident last week marked the construction of the Fortum Klaipėda UAB trash. UAB One of two employees of the Aukštalipių era, who did not use the safety belt, fallen from the height of 14-15 meters and was injured.

Recently, the "Excus" stolen UAVs. The roof falls off an open (unopened) fluorescent cell with a height of more than 11 meters. Deadly personal protective equipment does not come down from height.

The employee of the UAP Dinapolis fell from the two wooden pallet hinges, which was placed on the trunk of the hoist lift and climbed to a height of 4 meters.

On the first day of the work, when the developer pointed to the object, a UAB officer died in Vitrum, he danced 1.5-2 m from the concrete.

"Do not assume that falling from height can end with severe or fatal injuries. Three employees who were seriously injured this year – fell into a school helper, a sales consultant, and a box of 1 to 2 meters. Drivers of three wheels, reaching a height of 3 meters, were severely injured, "says Saulius Balchiniaas, head of the NSA Emergency and Occupational Disease Department.

"In the course of the arrest, serious injuries appear to be dangerous during the operation. But let us explain their meaning. These injuries threaten the life of the victim; they die without medical assistance. Vascular and spinal injuries, bone fractures, neck damage, spinal cord injuries. If the tongue, hearing, sight or speech, speech or speech breaks down, can cause serious health problems; if half of the working capacity is lost, "remembers S.Balchunas.

Labor inspectors also focus on risk of falling from work height every year, both in teaching and counseling. It is one of the priority areas of CDI prevention.

However, recent developments, in particular, S. According to Balchinia, employees confirm that they have no obligation to work safe at high altitude. Frequent injuries or deaths indicate that no internal control, collective or personal protective equipment, or improper handling at work, is a danger to employees or employees by working freely. "The risks of any service related to altitude should be assessed," said SLI Specialist. Balchinas. "Unfortunately, the loss of life constantly and constantly warns health workers".

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