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Futurist M. Lyudden: Five years later, there is no zone where artificial intelligence is not used


Lithuanian fashion engineer Michael Luden, an artificial intelligence expert, arrives in Lithuania. November 15 At the International Mobile Telecommunication Conference in Vilnius, the virtual reality practitioner will tell you how the Baltics Mobile Congress will transform your life into virtual reality. According to him, we expect very interesting changes.

Muddy Ludden, a technology vendor at IBM Watson, Samsung, Google, and others, is facing artificial intelligence every day and covers all aspects of our lives over the next 5 years.

Futurist M. Lyudden: Five years later, there is no zone where artificial intelligence is not used

You are co-author of several books about transhumanism and extravagance. These editions will soon reach bookstores. Who are you interested in today's technological innovations?

Today, I find it very interesting to hear how artificial intelligence has influenced virtual reality and reality, and how it changed the world we live, work, and explore. Already used for visualization, virtual and expanded reality, education, sports, health and safety. So, I'm glad to see the unexpected moments of our life over the coming decade when it comes to technology and optimizes our everyday lives.

It is able to learn and improve artificial intelligence. In your opinion, what is the level currently achieved?

I have always said that there are two ways to say and evaluate artificial intelligence. First of all, there is a lack of intelligence that performs some good things, but it can not decide on self-study and development in other areas. For example, scientists can teach artificial intelligence to defeat Go's best strategy player in the world, but this artificial intelligence will never succeed in love.

What is the second method?

Self-evolving artificial intelligence that you can do yourself. For example, he is good at playing chess, but he decides that he wants to learn to build himself, and he does it well. At the moment we have many examples of narrow artificial intelligence in the world, but we do not have the second type. Unfortunately, we are still far from it, and it is difficult to predict that artificial intelligence will reach a higher level.

Skeptics are afraid that virtual reality will be removed from people. Is it possible?

If we look at the conversation, we are afraid that people will always be able to get the technology out of their hands. But, on the contrary, the practice shows that it can help you work faster, easier, and more effective. Millions of years ago, people built pyramids and stone wings, and today builders can handle large machines that make their work easier. Thanks to artificial intelligence, people do not need to enter data in Excel spreadsheets or do digital work that works well with other devices. People do not go and they control these processes.

How to Expect From Artificial Intelligence After 5 Years?

In the five-year-old perspective, there is no space for artificial intelligence. Everything from medical to gaming, from business to marketing, is inevitable for artificial intelligence. I think that artificial intelligence will not be five years when it starts to be daily in our daily lives.

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