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Healthy eating and lifestyle in the 21st century – Mission (No) Maybe?


Experts believe that functional food not only saves the optimal level of human health, but also satisfies the proper nutrition skills.

Experts believe that functional food not only saves the optimal level of human health, but also satisfies the proper nutrition skills. / Rita Stankevičiūtė (LŽ)

Healthy nutrition – the best prevention, such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, or even cancer. According to the World Health Organization, nutrition and physical activity are currently in danger to global health. It's not so easy, we eat well, we move and stay healthy, but is it really easy?

A study conducted by the European Union's statistical office in Eurostat in 2016 shows that every 6 European residents suffer from obesity. This is a major health problem, as it significantly increases the risk of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and other diseases.

In addition, about a quarter of adults in the world, about 1.4 billion people, do not spend enough time with active physical activity. Scientists say that a lack of physical activity can pose a danger to humans, as well as smoking, diabetes, or heart disease, and sometimes even more severe consequences. At least 20 minutes a day, you have to walk, run, swim, or play other favorite sporting events.

Some numbers worry you. On November 8, European European Nutrition Day, European countries are striving to repeat the importance of healthy diet.

Healthy dishes: apples, broccoli, nut, avocado, dried fruits, olive oil.

"In the last 20-30 years, food in Lithuania has changed dramatically – fast-food delivery has increased or, for example, increases many types of chocolate with salt and sugar and so on. Changes in the diet like chicken are antibiotics that cause some hormonal changes and increase the amount of estrogen, "said Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Professor Dr. Arthuras Sueca," Modern Wellness Strategies, # student_2018 ", Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition Specialist .

What kind of food is the right choice today?

The answer to a healthy diet is simple. Foods that require the body's nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

A. Suetchea says diet is beneficial to human health, such as apples, broccoli, walnut, avocado, dried fruits, olive oil, and so on.

It is important to use enough fibers for proper nutrition, so you should consider using fiber foods. The easiest way to get them is to pick fruit, vegetable or sandwich with all the ingredients of the kitchen.

A.Succeta for kitchen dishes. "If you drink coffee with milk and sugar, for example, your body accepts it as food, so" eating like food (like other people) "can not be eaten for several hours to normalize blood glucose."

Scientists say functional food is a dietary supplement that consumes daily diet and, besides the nutritional value, adds physiological effects to the body. These foods have functional food ingredients in the production process (the active ingredients of these foods can be food fibers, polyhedrine, bran, gastrointestinal tract and others).

Experts believe that functional food not only saves the optimal level of human health, but also satisfies the proper nutrition skills.

"Functional food is a 21st-century foodstuff," says Professor Rimantas Petras Venskutonis, Professor of Food Science and Technology at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology KTU.

How To Start Sports?

"Comparing the situation 100 years ago, now we have reduced the traffic by about 4 times," he said. Sujetah. The bodybuilder is less likely to eat healthy. Adult 18-64 years are recommended for at least 150 minutes per week for moderate aerobic exercises (fast walking, biking, running, etc.) for physical activity or at least 75 minutes for intense aerobic physical activity.

A Healthy Lifestyle Specialist draws attention to the fact that the person of the age – a child, an adult or an elderly person – does not need to go to everybody and do not need special conditions.

"There is no reason not to get involved in sports, even if there are enough basic conditions and even a student living in a barracks," said A. Sujeta says sporting is forbidden.

He says that starting from small goals and investments, the intentions and perseverance to engage in sports will not be eliminated from the initial failures of the highest goals.

At the same time, universities are trying to create favorable conditions for students, for example, during the second year of KTU they actively work in the Active Club, where students can get free sports and get advice on sports and nutrition.

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