Saturday , June 3 2023

Helicopter helicopter helicopter with "Lithuania Laugh" statue


Lieutenant General Jonas Vitautas Jukas awarded Commander of the Armed Forces of Lithuania with awards at the concert dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the return of troops back to the National Philharmonic.

For the first time this year the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan (CSI) was awarded the 11th anniversary award for five people. The crew of the air defense helicopter had difficulty in rescuing victims.

"This year, the Lithuanian army has been able to see that we have special people who can be considered the most sophisticated cases and true warriors. When I think of this, I feel more fit for the service in the Lithuanian army, "said LV Zvybkov, commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Good morning.

Senior Airman Sergeant Arturas Shulkis, Senior Sergeant Raymondas Yankakask and Captain Darius Jankakasas, military doctor Darius Yankacasas, rescuers from the superhuman yacht, and the crew on September 22 this year, have been assisted by Duffin Air Force Commander Major Raymondas Rabeciyas, captain Mindaugas Lazucci, senior sergeant Arturas Shulkis. somewhere else.

The same day, at 13 o'clock, the Air Force Officer reported that the Klaipėda port of the Defiace yacht had returned to the North Sea cellar and that four crew members had fallen into the water.

One of the four people in the water had a biography. The rescuer raised the helicopter with a mortar. When approaching the yacht, one victim was seen near the yacht and had a heart massage. It was decided to get to the beach near the yacht and provide first aid to the doctors. Searching for people continued.

In addition, 25 minutes at 15 minutes, the Marine Corps' Coordination Center has handed over three other Esox yachts to the needy and only a few minutes after the rescue operation at the helicopter crew. All three people were given half an hour after was rescued and transferred to the site near the North Pier, which was handed over to the ambulance staff.

Rescuers were looking for people at 16 hours 18 minutes after receiving an airtime standby regime. Meanwhile, the Marine Corps Rescue Coordinator claimed that three more crew members needed assistance: when the yacht was flooded immediately, all the victims were transported to the aircraft and delivered to the same pier.

Then, after searching for two crew members of two crew members, a search started at 18:40.

According to the report, the strong wind and waves reach 4 meters and did not prevent Dauphin Aircraft Operations Group Air Force crew from launching a rescue operation, and in rescue cases, the sea fell threefold.

Today, the crew performed three flights and remained in the air for more than five hours.

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