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J. Valenciūnas scores another three points to win the ball in the ball


For a long time J. Valančiūnas played in the Vivint Smart Home arena.

The best defender NBA has played seasonally with Rudi Gobert, and in the first half Lithuanians won 7 points out of 11.

So he tried to justify the faith of the coach Nick Neysh. Last night, Serge Ibaak of Los Angeles has achieved a career record, but decided to start a basketball club basketball club (34 points) with a basketball club.

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J. Valanciunas was successful, but it is not mandatory for the whole team.

The rebels had to challenge the center of the pitch, but when they returned to the fifth position of Siberia, the scales began to turn sharply on the Toronto team.

Jordan Walinkunas defended his lead in the 77th 57th minute with a penalty kick and the Toronto team started with a score of 12: 3 in the third quarter.

The rapprochets made a very accurate attack on the basket.

In the last 8 days, 5 games have been played, while Toronto players have risen to 57.6%. (49/86).

Serge Ibaga played one more attack. Halfback Los Angeles Lakers scored 17 points out of 17th for the jazz and scored eight points in the game and scored 17 points.

However, defense also won. In the second and third half of the break, Raptors won with a score of 64:41.

J. Valenciūnas played for 22 minutes, including 11 points (3/8 divisions, 1/2 trivia, 2/2 body), 6 draws, 1 ball, 2 throws, mistakes and once.

When he was in the field, Raptors scored 7 points out of his opponents.

J. Valanciunas scored 5 goals this season – his goal was 33.3%.

VIDEO: Jonas Valencienza 3-Digitator – Raptor vs. Jazz / NOV 5, 2018 / 18-19 NBA Season

The Salt Lake City superstar, Kawhi Leonardowski, won a microprogram. Jazz did not have the best player, Donovan Mitchell played for the hurled injury.

It is noteworthy that the jazz club did not face any home matches this season – it lost its supporters to the fourth defeat, and the NBA currently has only 4 wins and 6 defeats.

With 10 wins and one defeat, Raptors are currently the NBA.

Rapporteur: After F.VanVleet, OG Anunoby, K.Lowry (11th ed.) And S.Ibaka (8/8 years) 17, P.Siakamas 16, J.Valanciunas 11.

Jazz: A.Burks 22, R.Gobert 14 (12th), J.Crowder 12, D.Fawors and R.O. Neale 11th.

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