Saturday , October 23 2021

James Amibid's club won the Miami Club


Joel Embroid Scored 35 points, scored 18 goals, and 76er (76/76) in Philadelphia.

Brett Brown guests 124: 114 (32:26, ​​32:36, 32:28, 28:24) Miami Hit (5/8) has won basketball players.

This is the next 76er match Jimmy Butler The NBA stars will continue to play the role of the stock exchange and will be officially presented on Tuesday, and the debut will take place on Wednesday in Orlando.

Over the past four days, the Ambitian has scored at least 35 points and has scored less than 18 points.

The 76ers team was the majority of the game, but the safety gaps did not move fast.

The guests were given the first two points advantage at 1: 59 minutes when Emmys played. The next attack Ben Simmons the winner of the match was determined.

76ers: Joel Ambroid 35, JJ Ridik 25, Furkan Korkmaz 16, Ben Simmons and Mike Maskala 13, Landry Shamet 10, Wilson Chandler and Marc Fuller 5th.

"Heat": Goran Draghi 22, Josh Richardson 17, Wayne Ellington 14, Kelly Olnikick and Hassan Whiteston (11) 13 years, Thyler Johnson 12, Bam Adebayo 8.

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