Tuesday , January 31 2023

Kaunas is preparing to reconstruct Gryvivalo


"It is planned to expand the cycle track and pedestrian zone and to reduce the traffic. Pedestrian parks are covered with concrete, and bicycle zones – asphalt, refurbished lighting and underground communications will be repaired, "said Ginteras Petrauskas, director of the city administration.

According to the project, there will be one traffic lanes on the street, which will cross the Vytautas prospect. There is parking on the street.

The municipality of Kaunas Griunvaldo promises to keep the trees on the street.

A military hospital park on Grywvaldo Street, the municipality agreed this year with the National Defense Ministry to be open to the public.

The municipality proposed to open fencing through a high military zone in several military units and build a road, track and quarantine project that requires a military medical center, children's playgrounds and other parks.

According to Petrauskas, the opening of the park and processing of streets in Grunwald are expected to be parallel, but the park needs a government decree. Currently, the municipality coordinates the issue with the National Defense Ministry.

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