Saturday , June 3 2023

Lies 2 – The Compilers are dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Easter


The big screen "The Lies 2" will come in the spring of 2020 and the plot will be danced with another great celebration – Easter.

"What new characters will appear and who will come back – it's still a secret. But after getting acquainted with Marius' parents (actor D. Kazlaucas) and Giovita (actor G. Savicas) during this Christmas, we get acquainted with their mentors. And they are not, of course, eccentric, "promises one of the filmmakers Paul Wirbek. Legendary Gediminas Girdwainis Will Bring The Heart Of Melagia Audience In A New Movie? According to the producer, cinematographers already agree with the actors, but the subsequent scenario is at the earliest stage of the creative process.

"Melagia" – The comedy created by the first Lithuanian scenario by Rytis Zemkauskas criticized the youngest and oldest audience in the hearts of the audience with transparent humor and familiar family piercings. The film likes filmmaker Heidry Savikas, Deenus Kazlabskas, Edita Vojte, Brigita Arsobayte, Gedre Gedreitte, Larisa Kappokita, Lubomiras Lutzevic and Gedminas Girdvainis.

Your favorite new post has just been published – he waits. That would be great news, just … your favorite man is your brother's wife! But that is not all. Unpublished "good news" is for all and parents suddenly declare – they are different! Fifty years together … These events are before the most beautiful holidays of the year – Christmas But it will be amazing, because no one is expecting such an attack. It's not something that all the characters are looking at at first …

The comedy "Melagia" is in the movies.

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